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Our Booking Process & Policies


Booking Process

  1. Please review our parties and services, Policies, and the FAQ page on our website. 
  2. Please call (917) 541- 0676 to speak with us, or email us to plan your party. 
  3. Once we speak with you and create your ideal party, we will recap of all your party details. We will also include instructions for making your party selections.

Payment & Cancellation Policy

Payment is due once we complete the set up of your party.  We accept Venmo, cash and checks after we complete the set up of your party. We can accept party bookings, based on type and availability, up to 24 hours before a party date. All party packages are designed for 6 guests. Additional guests may be added on. 

Re-Booking Policy

Re-Booking Policy Due to Inclement Weather

Slumber reserves the right to re-book your party to another date and time if travel to and from your location is deemed unsafe due to current and/or impending weather conditions; in this case, all terms of our Transfer Date: Re-Booking Policy will apply. Refunds will not be granted for cancellations due to inclement weather that are made by the client or party host. 

Add-On Services Policy

We have a variety of fun Party-Pad Additions and the option to add guests to your party. Most services can be added onto your party up to 24 hours before your party but are dependent upon availability and the type of add-on. To add services after your booking is confirmed, please contact us to place your request and check availability. Full payment will be due. All add-ons are subject to our Refund & Cancellation Policy and Transfer Date & Re-Booking Policy. 

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