Slumber FAQS

Q:  What areas do you serve?

We love to give each party the complete, hassle-free experience they deserve, so our service and delivery radius is limited to the Triangle area of North Carolina. We strive to create the dream room customized to your child’s wishes; their favorite themes and colors. 

Q:   Do you offer a pickup, DIY option?
We do not. Part of the magic of having The Slumber Dream Team is that we are inspired to create specifically for the birthday boy or girl and their theme. 

Q:  How big does my room space need to be? 

Each tent is around 3ft x 5ft tall. You can use this as a guide as you keep in mind these dimensions vs. the number of children attending your party. We haven’t yet met a party space that didn’t work, and we love to get creative to make any room work for your party! 

Q:  How far in advance should I book my party?
We prefer that you book your party 10 days in advance to give ample time for party planning and preparations, but if we have availability we will do our best to accommodate "last minute" parties as well.

Q:  What are your booking procedures? 

We require payment in full in order to secure your booking. View our Booking page.

Q:  What happens if I have less than 6 guests at the party?
The fees, decorations, any food or other provisions remain the same. We do not adjust fees or provisions for less than 6 guests. The birthday boy or girl is included in the total number of guests. 

Q: What happens if I have more than 6 guests at the party?
You can add-on additional guests to any Epic Slumber Party, Super Slumber Party, or Princess Tea. Even after booking, should your guest list increase, we will accommodate your party needs. See our Party Pad Additions

Q:  What is your cancellation policy?

We require 48 hours cancellation notice.

Q: What is your refund/exchange policy? We currently do not offer refunds on any party or service. 

Q:  How long will a set-up take?

A party of 6 usually takes one hour to set-up. We do all the set-up on the day of the party. With an Epic Slumber Party we come back in the morning to deliver and set-up our Rise & Shine Breakfast Bar, and then again to take it down. Additional set-up time may be required for larger parties and if there are multiple activities or food stations to set-up.

For breakfast deliveries on the morning after your slumber party, we arrive about 20 minutes before each breakfast to set it up, and we return an hour later to take it down. We arrive about one hour before your scheduled pickup time of your guests to remove everything.

Q: Are the lights and lanterns safe?

​Yes, all lights and lanterns are battery operated and are completely safe and heat proof for children to operate. Spare batteries are provided so no party gets left in the dark!

Q:  What age do you recommend for sleepovers?

From experience, the general Slumber party age is from 7-16 yrs old. 

Q:  How is the bedding cleaned?
All bedding including blankets are washed after each use, accessories are disinfected and wiped and tent fabric is also spot cleaned when required.

Q:  Why do you require a photo release?  We often photography our parties for promotions such as on our website and social media. 

Q:  How do you accommodate for food allergies? Please make us aware of any food allergies or sensitivities at your party prior to service of food bars or breakfast deliveries.  We will do our best to accommodate these.