Slumber's Sleepover Tent Party Themes

We turn your dreams into amazing themes!

Slumber has The Dream Team who make your sleepover tent party wishes come true. By using your special interests & likes, party themes, and favorite colors, we make your party dreams come true! Creating a a party that is artfully yours is our specialty, our flair for parties. 

How it works: 

When you're planning for your sleepover tent party, you'll chose a party theme plus 3 of your favorite colors. (Check out some of our favorite themes below for inspiration!) Share this information with us and we'll work our magic to apply it to features like your tents and decorations, along with any Party Pad Additions you may have selected. Really, the sky’s the limit with themes!  

Here are some theme ideas…. 

Bohemian Dream Catcher

Unicorn Party

Harry Potter (great for an 11th birthday, it includes a letter to Hogwarts) 

Under the Sea Mermaid 


American Girl

Peace Sign Party

Like Totally 80’s 






Puppy and Kitten

Paris Party

The Greatest Show

Pirate Party

Ninja Master Party

Lego Party

Power Ranger Party

Princess Party

Fairy Garden Party

Sweet 16

Glow Party