Slumber Fun Games


Game on, Slumber friends! Making sure you have fun with your friends is literally our job. Wanna sing your heart out with karaoke? Use flashlights in the dark? Have your very own fashion runway? The Slumber Dream Team serves up the best Slumber Fun Games and makes it easy for party hosts to entertain all of those excited party guests! Check out our list of Slumber Fun Games below!

Price: $50 for 6 guests     

Additional guests: $10 per guest 

* An Epic Slumber Party already includes your choice of one Slumber Craft or Slumber Fun Game, but you can always add more! 

Explore Party Pad Add-ONS

Slumber Fun Games:

* Selfie Station  
Includes: backdrop, props, Fuji Instamax camera (for use and return) and 1 container of film

* Karaoke Machine
Use our karaoke machine for endless hours of fun

* Fashion Runway Experience
This fashion show is complete with a DIY dress,  a red carpet runway, and materials for a DIY dress with duck tape, fabric, and ribbon

* Board Games  

Choose from Twister, Connect 4, Head bands, Slumber Party question game, Simon, Candy Land, Pictionary, Clue, Bop it, Operation, Don’t Spill the Beans, There’s a Yeti in my Spaghetti, Uno, and Monopoly

* Who’s Sleeping Over? Card Games.
A get to-know-you card games that encourages friendship and sharing, and a birthday girl/boy question game. 

* Flashlight Find   

An exciting game of riddles and seeking out in a scavenger find. (Includes flashlights which are provided and returned).