Slumber Fun Crafts


Our awesome Slumber Fun Crafts are paired with your party theme for extra fun so that the crafts match your favorite colors, styles, and theme!  

Our crafts pack big fun into your Slumber party, for hosts, too! Our crafts keep the party hoppin’ and the guests entertained. You’ll be giving guests something fun to take home, all the while keeping the mess contained. Our craft activities are complete with instructions, the materials, and are individualized for each guest’s (and host's) easy use. They're perfect for a variety of ages and interests, and are super exciting, yet not complicated. (Check out our signature craft: A Slumber Spa Experience!) And remember, an Epic Slumber Party already includes your choice of one Slumber Craft or Slumber Fun Game, but you can always add more!

Price: $50 per craft for 6 guests

Additional guests: $10 per guest

Slumber Fun Craft Choices: 

  • Make a Fizzy Bath Bomb
  • Pillow Case Craft
  • Fairy Garden Craft
  • Lip gloss Making
  • Cool Canvas Painting
  • Slime-Making Factory
  • Superhero Mask Making
  • Cupcake Decorating
  • Cookie Decorating
  • Our Signature Craft: A Slumber Spa Experience!

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Make a Fizzy Bath Bomb


Make your own fizzy, delicious- smelling cupcake tin bath bomb. Guests will love this take-home activity to enjoy later on.  Ahhhh..... 

Pillow Case Craft


Guests design a pillow case using stencils and fabric markers and freely drawing words and doodles in our Pillow Case Craft. They can even create on each other's pillow cases. Each guest takes home their pillowcase keepsake for sweet dreams. 

Fairy Garden Craft


Design your own fairy garden to display indoors or outdoors. Our Fairy Garden Craft includes a fairy house, garden, seeds, gems, and beautiful fairy decor.

Lip Gloss Making


Make your very own yummy smelling, moisturizing, lip-smacking lip gloss. Includes the containers and all the lip gloss making ingredients and materials. 

Cool Canvas Paintings


We use your favorite theme to select your subject or design to paint, provide each guest with a canvas and an image to paint from, paint brushes, and paint. Guests take home their works of art on canvas. 

Slime-Making Factory


Have a slime-tastic time creating the slime of your color choice. Includes directions, bowls, spoons, table cloth, slime containers, and all the slime ingredients. (Avoid playing with slime around your furniture, walls, clothing, or tents). 

Superhero Mask Making


Fight the good fight with our Superhero Mask Making. This craft includes: hero mask and string, and all of the hero decorating supplies and decor.

Cupcake Decorating


We bring the yummy cupcakes and the icing. We create the decor and colors that fit your party theme and then have loads of fun creating your cupcake masterpieces! 

Cupcake choices: vanilla, chocolate, rainbow sprinkle

Frosting choices: vanilla, chocolate, rainbow chip 

Cookie Decorating


We bring the yummy cookies and the icing. We create the decor and colors that fit your desired theme and loads of fun creating your cupcake masterpieces! 

Cookie choices:  sugar cookie, chocolate chip cookie, M&M cookie


Our Signature Craft: A Slumber Spa Experience

Be pampered at your party during our indoor Slumber Spa Experience. The Slumber Spa Team of two will work to pamper and delight guests.
Both younger and older guests love this experience that includes:

  • an exciting spa set-up, complete with decorated chairs
  • foot baths
  • bath salts
  • fun magazines
  • manis, pedis, and a mini-massage for each guest

If sold separately from the Epic Slumber Party package:  

$100 for 6 guests, and $20 per additional guest  

Looking for a spa experience without the sleepover party? Cool!
Our Sweet Spa Party will delight your guests! 

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