You'll Love Slumber...Here's Why

Top 10 Reasons to Host a Party from Slumber


#1   It’s affordable. 

We offer a range of options to meet your needs. Many birthday venues require additional hosting fees, decor fees, additional deposits, and minimum requirements. We do not. : )  Our Super Slumber Party for 6 guests, (which includes the birthday boy or girl), is about $32.50 per guest for hours and hours of endless fun PLUS the convenience and comfort of hosting in your own home. You can’t beat that! Our Epic Slumber Party includes a kid-pleasing scrumptious breakfast delivered right to your door in the morning, with set-up and take-down included! It’s an affordable luxury that is designed to make both guests and hosts very happy! And our Princess Tea, an elegant (non-sleepover) party, includes tea party foods and beverages, enchanting table decor, and even music & dancing. 

#2    You get to enjoy quality time.

Kids and parents agree that quality time with friends is what makes a party special. Hosting a party from Slumber in your home guarantees that guests will interact, share laughs, and have face-to-face, (and tent-to-tent) fun! There’s time to talk, share, giggle, create, play, and eat... and it's all offered by Slumber! 

#3    You’ll have ample party time. 

Typical birthday parties offer you a few hours, at most, and often cost more than our parties do. And, sadly, they're over in no time at all. Sometimes, you’re even on the clock and rushed out. A Slumber sleepover party gives you the best value, allowing you to have a sprawling party on your own date and time, with everything included. That's time, money, and energy well spent! Imagine hours upon hours of awesome experiences with friends, and every guest leaving fulfilled! 

#4    It’s less work, but more fun. 

The Slumber Dream Team has it all figured out! We take care of everything from crafts and games to snacks and breakfast. We're seemingly in and out, making magic happen for you, and it’s all stress-free. Once you book your party you really just have to sit back and wait for your big day to arrive! 

#5   Timeless fun for all ages.  

Whether you’re planning a Slumber party for a birthday boy or girl as a surprise, or you’re letting them select all their fun, you can’t go wrong with your choice to host a Slumber party. With so many ways to personalize a party, and a variety of options for all ages, we’ve never met a kid who wasn’t extra excited about (and thankful for) a party by Slumber. Parents feel the same! In fact, we often get requests from adults  who ask “do you have a party like this for me, too?” (Not yet, parents, but enjoy your child’s party while you can! : ) 

#6   Parents can enjoy their child and the party. 

When parents know  that they've selected kid-pleasers, that The Slumber Dream Team attends to the details, and that they have the safe boundaries and comforts of home for their guests, they can enjoy the celebration, too! That’s a big deal. So, kick back and enjoy, parents!  More time for pictures, and enjoying their laughter! 

#7    It’s memorable and different.

You're creating a very special party for your child. You’ll always remember the time you had an Epic Slumber Party  in your home, and so will your the guests! Pizza parties, jump & play areas, and spa salons are fun too, but kids light up when they hear that they’ve been invited to a sleepover because they know that means LOTS MORE time together, pj’s, games, and sleeping side by side,... with fun that continues in the morning. Bonus! And when they see our Slumber tents for the first (or second) time, you’ll feel like the rockstar parent that you truly are! Shrieks of laughter and fun are coming your way! Indoor tents and our Slumber decorations truly are MAGIC. 

#8    It’s safe.  

Slumber parties are held in your home, and you already know that’s safe. You and the other parents don’t have to worry about being out in crowds, driving to difficult and busy locations, hanging around until it’s over, hosting other parents and siblings, nor the condition of rented equipment and public spaces. All of our items are clean, fresh, and safety checked. Our materials and games are appropriate for the ages who use them.  We’re parents, too, and that means safety, along with a quality experience, is our top priority. 

#9    It’s unique to you. 

With all the options being selected and approved by you and the birthday boy or girl, everyone gets something they like, want, and will enjoy. Our Slumber Fun Games and Slumber Fun Crafts make party  magic because there’s something for everyone. An experience with Slumber can include tents, crafts, games, snacks, beverages, breakfast, decor, and special treats. Plan for as much or as little as you desire. 

#10   It’s easy to book a party

There aren’t any hidden fees, minimum requirements, additional staffing charges, or difficult processes to navigate. We put our emphasis on planning your party. Remember, we’re parents, too. : )