Slumber's Party Pad Additions

Add onto your Slumber sleepover tent party!

Add a little or a lot....look below for all of the awesome things you can add onto an Epic Slumber Party or a Super Slumber Party. 

Fun Tent Stuff & Additional Guests

Comfy Slumber Mattress

Add a little more comfort to your Super Slumber Party with our Super Comfy Mattresses! Mattresses are already included with an Epic Slumber Party

Price:  $50 for 6 guests

Additional Guests

Both our Epic Slumber Party and our Super Slumber Party are packaged for 6 guests, including the birthday girl or boy! Adding a guest means that the additional price is all-inclusive for the experiences you've booked for your party! 

Need to add a guest?  No problem!
Price: $25 each additional guest  

Big Top Birthday Tents

Our special Big Top Birthday Tent is great for featuring the birthday girl or boy and comes in white or pink.  Guests will love spending time in this extra roomy tent, too! 

Price:  $25 per tent 

Fun Games, Crafts & Favors

Slumber Fun Crafts

Ready for slime-making, fairy gardens, spa experiences, or cookie decorating?Check out the full list of Slumber Fun Crafts

Price:  $50 for 6 guests
$10 each additional guest

Sleepover Sack Treat Bags

Slumber Sleepover Sacks are filled with fun items and are the ultimate “thanks!” to your guests. 

Price: $12 per bag, per guest

Slumber’s Sleepover Sack for Girls: 

Includes: bath bomb, squishy, hair ties, hair bands, mirror, brush, and nail accessories

Slumber’s Sleepover Sack for Boys: 

Includes: mini soap, toothpaste, mini flashlight, glow sticks, bouncy ball set, glow balloon, comb, and stickers

Slumber Fun Games

No party is complete without Slumber Fun Games

Want to play Flashlight Find, watch great movies, or create your very own Fashion Runway? You name it, Slumber has it.

Price:  $25 each game

Movie Rental

When it's time to wind down, enjoy a snack, or have dinner, our Movie Rental offers adventure, mystery, comedy....and more!  

Price:  $25 for a set of movies

Birthday Pillow Cases

Birthday Pillow Cases offer a fun and unique way for guests to offer a special birthday message to the birthday girl or boy.  It's a special keepsake of their special party.  Included: fabric markers and one (1) pillow case

Price: $25 

Glow-in-the-Dark Box

Light up the night with items from our Glow-in-the-Dark Box. It's an ultra fun box filled with glow-in-the-dark wearable items and pieces to keep them entertained, especially when it's lights out at tent time!

Price:  $25 per box 

Fun Food & Beverage

Rise & Shine Breakfast Bars

Our Rise & Shine Breakfast Bars include fruit salad, beverages, plates, napkins, utensils, tablecloth, delivery, set-up, and take-down! Breakfast is included with an Epic Slumber Party, or as an add-on to a Super Slumber Party!

Coolest Ever Candy Bars

Candy!  Candy! Candy!
Coolest Ever Candy Bars make party magic! They'll make your celebration colorful, sweet, and fun!

Dreamy Dessert Bars

Calling all dessert lovers! Your party is complete when you have one of our ooey, gooey, fun Dreamy Dessert Bars!

Super Slumber Snack Bars

Our Super Slumber Snack Bars are a mouth full, for sure! And they're the perfect break food for all of those fun craft activities & games!

Best Ever Beverage Bars

Need a party cool down refreshment... or a cozy warm-up beverage? Enjoy one of our Best Ever Beverage Bars that offer exciting Slumber-ized versions of two, classic favorites! 

More Decor & Fun Stuff

Slumber Thank You Cards

Send a very special Slumber-style "thank you" card to guests for attending your party and sharing great times!

Price: $15 for a set of 6 cards and envelopes 

Birthday Bomb Decor

Let the world know it! 

It's your birthday! The Slumber Dream Team will birthday bomb your front door and street mailbox with extra special decorations to surprise and delight you and your guests!  

Price: $25 

Chalk Sign Message

Let The Slumber Dream Team set out their special chalk board on your front porch or doorstep with a special birthday message or greeting!

Price: $25